Chris Dellorco

A native of Los Angeles, Chris grew up in the Hollywood Hills, amidst movie stars, famous musicians, artists, and filmmakers in the 1970´s. "Laurel Canyon in the 70´s, has been likened to Paris in the ‘20s. Everywhere you looked; you would see and interact with the cultural icons of that very dynamic time."

However, Chris did not start out with the intention of pursuing art. He began with a degree in Developmental Economics from U.C. Berkeley, but could not forget a childhood living among some of the most significant creative icons of their time. Switching his focus to art, he went on to establish himself as one of the county´s foremost illustrators. Although completely self-taught, his art career has spanned all aspects of illustration while specializing in the film industry, children´s products and children´s books. A true renaissance man, along with the degree in Economics and a successful art career, he has also successfully written and directed an award winning short film starring Justine Bateman, receiving international recognition.

For the past 15 years, Chris has been widely considered one of Disneys top illustrators for print advertising, specializing in Home Video packaging. His covers range from the award winning "The Lion King", to the recent "Lilo and Stitch" and everything in between.  If you own one of Disney´s animated titles on VHS or DVD, there´s a good chance that Chris created the cover.

In the entertainment field, he has illustrated numerous movie posters, which include "Conan the Barbarian", "Revenge of the Nerds", "Coming to America", "The Marrying Man", "The Firm", and others.  He received the Silver Medal award from the influential Key Art Awards for the poster "Eating Raoul", First Place for his work on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", Second Place for "Snow White", and Finalist for "Aladdin-Prince of Thieves".  He also was a finalist for the prestigious Belding award. He has also shown his artwork for many years in the Society of Illustrators Annual West Coast Exhibit winning Best of Show in ´91 and ‘95.  He also was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Artist´s For a Better World.

Dellorco´s oil paintings exhibit near photo realism, yet still capture a certain level of artistic beauty and sensuality. Generally, they depict the female figure, shrouded in richly colored fabrics, while dramatically set against Old World European architecture. Often the architecture represents a historically significant European landmark, such as Versailles or the Pantheon. Each painting reveals a subtle, yet provocative story contrasting human beauty and frailty with the solidity and strength of mankind´s greatest monuments.

Currently, Dellorco shows his fine art oils and limited edition prints at galleries spanning the United States. He currently exhibits his work on Celebrity, Disney, Crystal and Norwegian Cruise Lines, and has been featured on the cover of Premier Magazine, Art Business News, Society and Décor Magazine.