Katie Kelly

Katie Kelly has been interested in art for as long as she can remember, but there was a moment when she was nine years old, that crystalized her future artistic endeavors.  During a family holiday her grandma displayed a set of illustrations and political cartoons that her grandfather had created during World War II. She was captivated by Pa's artistic abilities and she has been inspired to paint and draw ever since.  Katie attended Indiana University and double majored in graphic design and oil painting, and she minored in art history. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts. When her two boys began elementary school, she pitched a pilot art program while painting fine art for Disney.  After several wonderful years of working with Disney, Katie has dedicated her time to her students and family.  “When I first started teaching, I thought I could be a blessing to others, but what I realized is how much the students have been a blessing to me. I quickly developed a true love for teaching.” Katie finds inspiration and joy in the everyday life moments.