Cris X Original Metal Art

Cris’ metalwork begins as a trick of the eye. They appear backlit, with patterns swirling under the surface. This effect is the result of the layering techniques Cris has refined over many years.

Cris’s manipulation of metal starts with an untarnished piece of aluminum substrate, which he grinds to achieve his signature sheen. Strategically placed grooves angle the light and create a 3-D reflective effect.

This reflective glow is tinted by gravity-fed layers of transparent candy colors. By using high-end automotive paints atop his well-honed skills in metalworking, Cris is able to create the eye-catching reflective surface that is characteristic of his “aluminations.”

This becomes the background for artwork. Cris hand-paints or airbrushes images from Disney, aquatic life, or his Fire Heart series. The paintings are then clear-coated over many layers and polished to a flawless finish.

Most recently, he has brought this technique to stained glass illusionary and abstract artwork. Under his expertise, he has developed a new way of layering a mixture of glass, lucite, and propriety composites to form a 300-pound block, which is then hand-formed in sections. This intensive but intricate technique gives each sculpture a unique strata pattern and color profile. The result is an expression of the inspiration behind each piece.