Behind the Scences - By Warner Bros. Studios - Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel

Behind the Scences - By Warner Bros. Studios - Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel

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Behind The Sceneces
by Warner Bros. Studios

Hand-Painted Limited Edition Cel

- Limited Edition of 100

Tools, lights, planks of wood, the coveted script, and the insistent director. In this limited edition hand-painted cel, Bugs, Taz, Sylvester, Tweety and Daffy, demonstrate how along with the before-mentioned theatrical items, a production is made. It is a process of cooperation, engaged upon behind the scene by many individuals, most of whom are anonymous until their names appear in the credits. In short, it is by no conjured magic or great stroke of luck that a film or television program is made. Instead, for anything from a half-hour sitcom to a major feature, grips, foleys, best boys, runners, administrative people, and security guards, to name a few, are needed. Thus, the old adage is true, that the real show occurs behind the camera.

“Behind the Scenes” celebrate these unsung hero’s of movie and television production. It is through their teamwork that they retain the great skill, magic and luck needed to complete a production, and that without them; half-inspired home movies are all any motion picture fan could hope to see.

“Behind the Scenes” was drawn by noted Warner Bros. Animation Director Darrell Van Citters. The background was created by Hector Martinez whose skills have been used on various Warner Bros. properties including Batman and Superman. A smaller image giclee print of “Behind the Scenes” produced in an edition of 500 and offered exclusively to Warner Bros. employees.

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