Constance - Original on Paper- By Kevin-John Jobczynski- Inspired by The Haunted Mansion

Constance - Original on Paper- By Kevin-John Jobczynski- Inspired by The Haunted Mansion

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"Constance" - Original on Paper by Kevin-John Jobczynski

Delve into the hauntingly beautiful world of "The Haunted Mansion" with "Constance," an original artwork on paper by the acclaimed artist Kevin-John Jobczynski. This framed piece, measuring 33 inches by 26 inches, captures the enigmatic and ghostly allure of one of the most iconic characters from Disney's legendary attraction.

Dimensions & Display:

  • Size: The artwork's size of 33 X 26 inches makes it a significant and captivating addition to any collection.
  • Framing: Elegantly framed, this piece is ready to bring the mysterious charm of the Haunted Mansion into your home or office.

Artist's Profile - Kevin-John Jobczynski:

  • Background: Kevin-John's artistic journey, beginning at 17, has led him to a prominent career in the Sports and Entertainment Industry.
  • Career Highlights: His collaborations with Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and various sports leagues showcase his diverse artistic talents and storytelling capabilities.
  • Expertise: With 36 years of experience in various creative roles, Kevin-John's art is a testament to his passion for storytelling, marketing, and visual artistry.

Artwork Details:

  • Inspiration: Inspired by Constance, the infamous bride from the Haunted Mansion, this artwork captures her spectral presence and the eerie ambiance of the attraction.
  • Style and Theme: The piece showcases Kevin-John's skill in creating a mood that is both haunting and elegant, with detailed imagery that invites viewers into the ghostly lore of the mansion.

Versatility and Suitability:

  • Ideal for Various Settings: Perfect for Disney enthusiasts, fans of the supernatural, or anyone who appreciates art with a mysterious and gothic edge, this piece brings a unique charm to any room.
  • Perfect Gift: An excellent choice for collectors, admirers of Kevin-John's work, or those who cherish the darker side of Disney's magical world.

Collector's Item:

  • As an original creation by Kevin-John Jobczynski, a respected artist with a profound connection to storytelling and the entertainment industry, "Constance" is more than just a piece of art; it's a collector's item that embodies the spirit of one of Disney's most iconic and mysterious characters.

"Constance" by Kevin-John Jobczynski is not just an artwork; it's a portal to the mysterious and enchanting world of the Haunted Mansion, where every brushstroke tells a story of mystery, elegance, and intrigue. Own this piece and let it be a constant reminder of the captivating stories that lie within the walls of Disney's most beloved haunted abode.

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