Up The Lazy River- Original on Paper- By Kevin-John Jobczynski- Inspired by Big Thunder Mountain
Up The Lazy River- Original on Paper- By Kevin-John Jobczynski- Inspired by Big Thunder Mountain

Up The Lazy River- Original on Paper- By Kevin-John Jobczynski- Inspired by Big Thunder Mountain

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"Up The Lazy River" - Original on Paper by Kevin-John Jobczynski

Embark on a visual journey through the rugged and exhilarating landscapes of the Wild West with "Up The Lazy River," an original artwork on paper by the renowned artist Kevin-John Jobczynski. Inspired by the thrilling Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction at Disney parks, this framed piece, measuring 19 inches by 36 inches, captures the essence of adventure and the untamed spirit of the frontier.

Dimensions & Display:

  • Size: The artwork's panoramic size of 19 X 36 inches makes it a captivating and dynamic addition to any collection.
  • Framing: Elegantly framed, this piece is ready to bring the excitement and nostalgia of Big Thunder Mountain into your home or office.

Artist's Profile - Kevin-John Jobczynski:

  • Background: Kevin-John's artistic journey, beginning at 17, has led him to a distinguished career in the Sports and Entertainment Industry.
  • Career Highlights: His collaborations with Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and various sports leagues showcase his diverse artistic talents and storytelling capabilities.
  • Expertise: With 36 years of experience in various creative roles, Kevin-John's art is a testament to his passion for storytelling, marketing, and visual artistry.

Artwork Details:

  • Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from Big Thunder Mountain, "Up The Lazy River" depicts the excitement and beauty of this beloved Disney attraction.
  • Style and Theme: The piece showcases Kevin-John's skill in creating a mood that is both adventurous and nostalgic, with detailed imagery that transports viewers to the heart of a thrilling ride through the Old West.

Versatility and Suitability:

  • Ideal for Various Settings: Perfect for Disney enthusiasts, fans of theme park attractions, or anyone who appreciates art that captures the essence of adventure and the spirit of the Wild West, this piece brings a unique charm to any room.
  • Perfect Gift: An excellent choice for collectors, admirers of Kevin-John's work, or those who cherish the thrilling experiences of Disney's magical world.

Collector's Item:

  • As an original creation by Kevin-John Jobczynski, a respected artist with a profound connection to storytelling and the entertainment industry, "Up The Lazy River" is more than just a piece of art; it's a collector's item that embodies the spirit of adventure and the timeless appeal of Big Thunder Mountain.

"Up The Lazy River" by Kevin-John Jobczynski is not just an artwork; it's a portal to the exhilarating world of Big Thunder Mountain, where every brushstroke tells a story of excitement, adventure, and the enduring charm of the Wild West. Own this piece and let it be a constant reminder of the thrilling escapades and magical moments that define the classic Disney attraction.

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