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Disney films are known for their impeccable detail. The animation is always intricate and consistent, yet full of hidden surprises. Similarly, the storylines are incredibly consistent and fullproof. You won’t be finding any holes, gaps or confusions in any of these films, right? Well, maybe a few, if you think about it enough. Here are some questions that we still have after watching these films: 

Movie: Cinderella
Our question: What is Prince Charming’s real name?
“Fit For A Ball” by Michelle St. Laurent | Shop: https://bit.ly/2Rro7ad

Is his name really Charming? Because we’re not buying it. What are the odds that a guy named Charming is, in fact, so charming? We’re thinking that his name is probably something like Benedict, for no real reason other than that he looks like a proper Benedict. 
Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Our Question: Why didn’t the Beast know how to use a fork?
“A Dance With Beauty” by Edson Campos | Shop: https://bit.ly/2DXgtRb

We get that he’s a little helpless and truly needs a strong woman like Belle in his life to pick up the pieces, but did you forget that he used to be a human? Call us crazy, but using a fork is sort of like learning to ride a bike-- once you know, you know. Except we think you could argue that it would be EASIER to forget how to ride a bike than it would be to unlearn how to use a fork. What’s that all about, Disney?

Movie: The Lion King
Our Question: Was Scar’s name Scar before he got his scar?

“Wicked Brother” by Stephen Fishwick | Shop: https://bit.ly/2zExiNZ

That seems like a ridiculous coincidence, if so. We’re going to go out on a whim and say that Scar is just a nickname, which was given to him after he got his scar. So... what’s his real name?

Movie: The Little Mermaid
Our Question: Why didn’t Ariel just write Eric a letter to explain her situation?

“Ariel” by Manuel Hernandez | Shop: https://bit.ly/2QzzH65

Look, we know she couldn’t speak, but why not write out what happened? She signed Ursula’s contract, so it’s clear that Ariel knows how to write. Maybe she just loved the drama of the situation?  

Movie: Up
Our Question: Who is supposed to be taking care of Russell?

“A Promise Fulfilled” by Harrison Ellenshaw | https://bit.ly/2oOjkRo

Russell is only 9 years old and it appears that no one is worried about his whereabouts. Does anyone else see an issue with this?

Movie: Monsters Inc.
Our Question: Similarly, why were Boo’s parents not publicly concerned?

Closet Full of Monsters" by Stephen Fishwick | Shop: https://bit.ly/2ATDXmX

Sure, they were probably worried. But if most parent’s toddler was missing for more than an hour, there would be amber alerts posted and SWAT teams called in. Boo was gone for a whole 24+ hours! Seems fishy.

Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Our Question: How did Aurora sleep for so long without proper nourishment?

“Singing With The Birds” by Jim Salvati | Shop: https://bit.ly/2DYuWfJ

Homegirl slept for O N E  H U N D R E D Y E A R S without any food or water. We need answers. 

Movie: Cinderella
Our Question: What if someone else had the same size shoe as Cinderella?


“The Life She Dreams Of” by John Rowe | Shop: https://bit.ly/2rhqDEG

...which seems very likely. There are what, a total of 6 or so regular shoe sizes for women in America? Unless Cinderella has some oddly small or large feet, this plan doesn’t sound like it was very well thought out. But it worked out for them so we’ll let this one slide. 

Movie: Toy Story
Our Question: Why does Buzz Lightyear freeze around Andy, just like the rest of the toys?

“Friendly Hero” by Trevor Carlton | Shop: https://bit.ly/2ALSu4i

Sure, WE know that he is just a toy, but Buzz doesn’t know that! He thinks that he is a Space Ranger. Why would he know to “play dead” essentially? Monkey see, monkey do?


Movie: The Little Mermaid

Our Question: How does Ursula paint her nails under water?

“The Whisper” by Mike Kungl | Shop: https://bit.ly/2RygDT2

We would love to know what brand she uses. Link us if you know.

Disney movies always leave us feeling warm and fuzzy inside, and full of so much nostalgia. But there are still lingering questions that keep us up at night-- did The Beast simply forget how to use a fork? Was Aurora on a liquid diet while she slept? We need answers. But until then, we’ll keep rewatching these films over and over again.

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