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Magical Memories Blog — Tiana

Disney Dads We Admire

Aristocats Coco Disney Duchess Fa Zhou Héctor Mufasa Mulan Princess & The Frog The Lion King Thomas O’Malley Tiana

Dads are pretty awesome. They love us, embrace us, inspire us and teach us - and they definitely deserve some admiration.

Over the years, Disney has done a stellar job portraying different versions of those awesome fatherly qualities in their Disney dad characters, making us appreciate dads even more.

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Cinderella Disney Princess Elastigirl Incredibles 2 Labor Day Lilo & Stitch Mulan Nani Ratatouille Remy Snow White The Princess And The Frog The Seven Dwarfs Tiana WALL-E

Happy Labor Day! The United States runs on hard work and would be nothing without it’s diligent citizens. From servicing restaurant jobs, to performing manual labor, to working while parenting, everyone’s grind is important and valued. 

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Ariel Belle Birthday Cake Breakfast Cinderella Disney Disney Princess gingerbread Heather Theurer Mike Kupka Moana Mulan Paige O’Hara Pancakes Peanut Butter and Jelly Pocahontas Princess Jasmine Rapunzel Red Velvet Pancakes Snow White Tiana Tim Rogerson Trevor Carlton White Chocolate Macadamia

Whether you’re a Disney princess lover or a pancake connoisseur, you’ll love these pancake recipes that just so happen to coordinate with the styles of Disney royalty. Savory or sweet, simple or challenging, there’s a pancake recipe in here for you.

Find out which tasty pancake recipe you should try based on your favorite Disney princess: 

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Disney Women Who Empower Us

Aladdin Disney Girl Power Jafar John Smith Moana Mulan Pocahontas Prince Naveen Princess Jasmine The Princess And The Frog Tiana

Disney women are strong, and have taken the term ‘Girl Power’ to a whole 'nother level.

We’re talking about the Disney women who have inspired us by demonstrating bravery, following their hearts, breaking boundaries, and not settling for anything!

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