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Magical Memories Blog — Coco

Disney Dads We Admire

Aristocats Coco Disney Duchess Fa Zhou Héctor Mufasa Mulan Princess & The Frog The Lion King Thomas O’Malley Tiana

Dads are pretty awesome. They love us, embrace us, inspire us and teach us - and they definitely deserve some admiration.

Over the years, Disney has done a stellar job portraying different versions of those awesome fatherly qualities in their Disney dad characters, making us appreciate dads even more.

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Carl Fredricksen Coco Georges Grandmother Fa Grandmother Willow Madame Bonfamille Mamá Coco Mulan NATIONAL SENIOR CITIZENS DAY Pocahontas Shorty Tangled The Aristocats The Emperor of China The Emperor’s New Groove The Fox and The Hound Up Movie Widow Tweed Yzma

For all of the senior citizens out there: you only get cooler, wiser and funnier with age. We really mean it. These Disney characters prove that no matter how old, they’re just as memorable and loved as their younger counterparts. 

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Underrated Disney Movies

A Bug’s Life Antz Bernard Bianca Billy Joel Charles Dickens Coco Disney Dreamworks Animation Elton John Oliver & Company Oliver Twist Phil Collins Pixar Snow White The Brave Little Toaster The Emperor’s New Groove The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid 2 The Rescuers Down Under Thomas M. Disch Toy Story

There's a lot of Disney movies that have great plot and even better characters... but they just don't get the recognition they deserve! We're here to give those films the moment in the spotlight. Here's our list the of the 5 most underrated Disney films. 

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Aladdin Coco Disney Disney Princess Dory Finding Nemo Frozen Hercules Kuzco Megara Miguel Mulan Olaf The Emperor’s New Groove The Genie

Disney writers always do an impeccable job of character development. So, when faced with the ultimate challenge of picking the best Disney characters of all time, how could we perfectly and fairly complete that challenge?

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