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Top 10 Disney Dance Scenes

Aristocats Baloo Beauty & the Beast Disney Frozen Hercules Lilo & Stitch The Jungle Book The Lion King The Princess And The Frog Toy Story 2 Toy Story 3 Tricia Buchanan-Benson

Disney’s given us hundreds of jazzy tunes and fun moves through their films. So, for National Dance Day, we picked our 10 favorite dance scenes that have had us grooving and grinning since we can remember. 

Here are the top 10 Disney dance scenes:

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Aladdin Beast Beauty and the Beast Boyfriends Cinderella Flynn Rider Hercules John Smith Li Shang Mulan National Boyfriend Day Pocahontas Prince Charming Prince Eric Prince Naveen Prince Phillip Sleeping Beauty Tangled The Little Mermaid The Princess And The Frog

We’ve all dreamed of meeting a Disney prince before. They’re so brave, so sweet, so strong… right? 

Well, the news is although they looked great on our screens as kids, they’re not exactly the perfect, dreamy men we always thought they were. In fact, if we met them in person we’d probably be repulsed by most of them. 

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Cinderella Disney Princess Elastigirl Incredibles 2 Labor Day Lilo & Stitch Mulan Nani Ratatouille Remy Snow White The Princess And The Frog The Seven Dwarfs Tiana WALL-E

Happy Labor Day! The United States runs on hard work and would be nothing without it’s diligent citizens. From servicing restaurant jobs, to performing manual labor, to working while parenting, everyone’s grind is important and valued. 

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Disney Women Who Empower Us

Aladdin Disney Girl Power Jafar John Smith Moana Mulan Pocahontas Prince Naveen Princess Jasmine The Princess And The Frog Tiana

Disney women are strong, and have taken the term ‘Girl Power’ to a whole 'nother level.

We’re talking about the Disney women who have inspired us by demonstrating bravery, following their hearts, breaking boundaries, and not settling for anything!

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