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Beauty and the Beast Bonnie Arnold Charles Darwin Chip Disney Goldwyn Gotham Mrs. Potts Phil Collins Queen Victoria Rosie O’Donell Rudyard Kipling Tantor Tarzan Terk Tony Hawk

Twenty years ago on June 18th, 1999, Tarzan,Tantor and Terk stole our hearts and made us laugh in this epic Disney film.

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Underrated Disney Movies

A Bug’s Life Antz Bernard Bianca Billy Joel Charles Dickens Coco Disney Dreamworks Animation Elton John Oliver & Company Oliver Twist Phil Collins Pixar Snow White The Brave Little Toaster The Emperor’s New Groove The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid 2 The Rescuers Down Under Thomas M. Disch Toy Story

There's a lot of Disney movies that have great plot and even better characters... but they just don't get the recognition they deserve! We're here to give those films the moment in the spotlight. Here's our list the of the 5 most underrated Disney films. 

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