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Disney Dads We Admire

Aristocats Coco Disney Duchess Fa Zhou Héctor Mufasa Mulan Princess & The Frog The Lion King Thomas O’Malley Tiana

Dads are pretty awesome. They love us, embrace us, inspire us and teach us - and they definitely deserve some admiration.

Over the years, Disney has done a stellar job portraying different versions of those awesome fatherly qualities in their Disney dad characters, making us appreciate dads even more.

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Disney Disney Fashion Disneybound Dopey Fall Fall Fashion Fall into Disney Style Fall Season Fashion Halloween Hocus Pocus Instagram Oogie Rapunzel The Nightmare Before Christmas Toy Story Winnie The Pooh

It’s the first day of fall and if you’re on Instagram, we’re sure you’ve already begun to see the #Fallintodisneystyle trend, which means Disney lovers everywhere are getting their snazzy autumn outfits together for posh pics at Disney parks. 

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Top 10 Disney Dance Scenes

Aristocats Baloo Beauty & the Beast Disney Frozen Hercules Lilo & Stitch The Jungle Book The Lion King The Princess And The Frog Toy Story 2 Toy Story 3 Tricia Buchanan-Benson

Disney’s given us hundreds of jazzy tunes and fun moves through their films. So, for National Dance Day, we picked our 10 favorite dance scenes that have had us grooving and grinning since we can remember. 

Here are the top 10 Disney dance scenes:

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Aladdin Art artist Chesire Cat Disney Dorian Lynde Genie Jerkface Matt Gondek Mickey Mickey Mouse Owen Dippie Street Art Sunra Tom Blackford Walt Disney

insane and edgy, these larger-than-life paintings can’t really be hung up in a cutesy frame on a living room wall. These pieces of art can only be truly experienced by walking down the streets they’re on - which makes them that much cooler. 

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castleboundsupplyco Disney empowerments_by_nature fall fortheloveofcraftsbyrbt Halloween Peter Pan pooh bear scribeandwillow theartisticsparrow Tina Goodman tinagoodmandesigns

Fall is approaching and whether you want to make a college dorm room feel a bit more like home, or just switch up your home decor for the upcoming season, we’ve got some charming Disney wall decor that will add some sugar, spice and pixie dust to your space. 

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