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Heather Theurer is an artist who taps into the imagination of anyone who may stumble upon her work. She is known for her themes in religious symbolism, fantasy realism, wildlife, and what we know her best for-- the bold reworking of Disney characters.

Through her individualist use of color, texture and mood, Theurer is able to captivate both our heart and mind with the true gift that she shares with us in each piece of art.


“Drawn To The Shore” by Heather Theurer | Shop:

Disney animation is typically known for having bright, cheerful colors. However, perhaps the most distinct aspect of Theurer’s work, are the cool hues that she expresses in each piece of work. Her paintings wouldn’t often be described as chipper, but some might argue that the colors leave us feeling soothed and with a sense of calmness. The distinct cool tones also add to the intensity of each piece, as her paintings frequently portray moments more somber to the Disney franchize.

Through Theurer’s unique use of colors, she is able to enchant us in perhaps a more vulnerable way than some other Disney themed art might.


“Her Father’s Daughter” by Heather Theurer | Shop:

Theurer’s art pieces have layers-- both literally and figuratively.

Texture is a key component to her art pieces that help make them unique, and she clearly focuses on the details in each piece. She often applies many layers of paint in order to reach the desired amount of depth in a painting-- sometimes as many as 20 layers. Her brushstrokes are distinct and bold; clean-cut and exact.

The many textures that Theurer creates in her pieces allow for us to be captivated, as we are able to explore each nook and cranny so vividly and so precisely with our own eyes.


“Love Blooms In The Winter” by Heather Theurer | Shop:

The moods illustrated in Theurer’s paintings may be what separate her from other Disney artists most of all. She portrays these characters in a way that feels both intimate and vulnerable. While often times Disney artists choose to convey lighthearted moments, Theurer’s work frequently shows us the times where characters may have felt less than joyful.  

The many moods of Theurer’s paintings certainly help her stand out from other Disney artists, and the intimate and vulnerable nature of these art pieces leave us feeling even better connected to the characters portrayed.

Heather Theurer is just one of many Disney artists. However, her paintings certainly stand out from the rest-- her colors are cool, her textures are layered and her moods are vulnerable. Whether it be from those colors, textures or moods-- her art continues to charm those who see it.

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