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This Sunday marks the beginning of Shark Week - a week solely dedicated to the insane stories and discoveries surrounding these incredible animals. 

To kick-off the excitement, here are the most popular Disney sharks ranked from worst to best: 

7. Glut the Shark | The Little Mermaid

This great white shark is just plain rude. He sees Ariel and Flounder and immediately swims after to attack them. Luckily, he gets stuck in a ring in the wrecked ship and we don’t see him again for the rest of the movie. Boy, bye! 

6. Shark Head Maui | Moana

While this is really Maui who mistakenly gave himself a shark head, he delivers some laughs in his half shape-shifted form and he’s way friendlier than old Glut up there.

5. Mr. Shark | Toy Story


Mr. Shark is not even a real shark but this hilarious scene of him mocking Woody keeps him iconic in our eyes forever. 

4. Anchor | Finding Nemo

This hammerhead is part of the “Fish-Friendly Sharks” support group and is probably the most dedicated out of three members - just so long as he never has to be friends with dolphins. His pride in his success as a vegetarian shark makes him an endearing Finding Nemo friend.

3. Chum | Finding Nemo

This mako shark is also part of the support group but isn’t as good about following the rules. He’s a bit slower than his fellow shark pals but it adds to his charm and his humor. Plus, he deserves extra points for his dolphin impression.

2. Destiny | Finding Dory

This whale-shark is adorable and her clumsiness just adds to her cuteness. Not to mention, her heart is basically as big as she is - and that’s pretty big. Destiny is a friend we all need in our lives.

1. Bruce | Finding Nemo

There’s no argument that this great white with some daddy issues is the best Disney shark. The founder of “Fish are Friends, Not Food” and a shark truly trying to change his ways (though sometimes he loses his way), Bruce is a classic Disney Pixar character and Finding Nemo wouldn’t have been the same without him. 

We can tell you one thing: the sharks during shark week will not be as cute or friendly as the sharks we met in Disney movies. Which Disney shark is your favorite?

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