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We’re not even kidding. These Insta posts of Dogs in Disney attire are almost too precious to handle.

Here are 10 Insta posts of Disneybounding dogs: 

IG: @from.the.view.of.boo

This inquisitive pup is named after Boo from Monsters Inc. which automatically makes her cuteness level go off the charts. So, of course, when she’s dressed up as Sully, we really can’t contain the “aww”s. 

IG: @mollypollybear

So TINY! So CUTE! Molly in a Pooh Bear costume is giving us serious puppy fever. We want to just scoop this little Shihtzu up and cuddle her all day long. 

IG: @nimbypimby

Nimbus the cosplay dog does the most with his wide array of amazing costumes. He has dressed up as everything from Pinnochio to Edna Mode, but we just could not get over his modeling talent in this Princess Jasmine look. Slay. 

IG: @misssophiapug

If there were ever a dog to play Marie from The Aristocats, it would definitely be Miss Sophia. This pug has all of the sass and class that we love about our favorite pink-bowed kitten.

IG: @amari.the.frenchie

OMG. As if this Frenchie needed to look any more lovable! Amari looks extra snuggly and cuddly in his Tigger costume and we bet he’s just as energetic as the beloved tiger, too. Someone get him and @mollypollybear a play date!

IG: @bentleyjackthelab

Bentley is a Medical Alert & Response Service Dog as well as a total heart-stealer. We think that bandana inspired by Russel from Up is perfect for this brave and pure-hearted boy. 

IG: @kinghenryofnashville

Attention: We would like to formally start a petition to re-make the live-action Beauty and the Beast with Henry casted. Seriously though, this handsome fella sweeps us off our feet with his charming acting and modeling skills. 

IG: @chewie.theshihtzu

Who knew a pupper could pull off a cowboy look so well? Chewie is killing his simple, yet adorable fit consisting of a mini hat (!!) and a Woody bandana.

IG: @longboy_lincoln

And of course, we can’t have Woody without Buzz, which Lincoln the Daschund does a perfect job at portraying. We love his lil’ smile as he stands proudly in his space ranger costume. To infinity and beyond!  

IG: @naellis

These pooches, Maggie and Rossi, are Disneyland-ready and we’re so here for it. Their tourist look is just too sweet to resist. Can somebody get them some tickets, please?? 

We apologize sincerely for the cuteness overload. Make sure to give these show-stopping dogs a follow and be sure to tag us @magicalmemoriesgalleries in any pictures of your Disney bounding dogs (as long as it’s safe and they’re comfortable with it, of course).



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