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The A.C.’s blasting, all fans are on, we’ve got popsicles in hand, and we already jumped in the pool but for some reason we’re STILL hot.

So, we’ve found 9 pieces of Frozen fan art that will seriously cool us down on this hot summer day:

1. @sthompsonart

The crisp winter air paired with the smug looks on Anna and Elsa’s faces in Steven Thompson’s sketch are giving us serious chills. 

2. @animwoodsy

This quick sketch of Sven is by Michael Woodside, the Animation Supervisor of Sven and other characters in Frozen 2 - talk about cool!

3. @carlijnartgallery

This Insta artist really brings Anna and Elsa to life in this drawing with stunning colors and depth. Our favorite part of the piece are the sisters’ icy blue eyes.

4. @paolatoscaart

This vintage label featured on Paola Tosca’s Instagram is both hilarious and cute, showcasing our cherished, chilly pals. 

5. @lil_jane_art

Lil’ Jane’s pin designs of these two powerful ladies have gorgeous aesthetics that are fit for (snow) queens.

6. @pockyhontas

Even though the second movie doesn’t come out until November, it didn’t stop artist Adrienne from redrawing this incredible scenery from the Frozen 2 trailer. Those glacial mountains sure do look nice right about now.

7. @rywes09

From the snowflakes to Elsa’s wintry dress, Ryan W. Riller hand cut each tiny detail of this uber-cool paper art. 

8. @georgiesketches

Insta artist @georgiesketches is getting us super excited for Anna’s new look and possibly new attitude in the upcoming movie. Just look at that face - stone cold.

9. @prismaviolet_

Now that we’re shivering, we think it’s alright to look at this piece that warms our hearts. Name a more ice-conic duo, we’ll wait.

The sun may be shining hard and sweat may be streaming down our faces, but these fresh pieces of Frozen fan art bring the chill vibes we need. 

Make sure to give all of these artists a follow and let us know which piece you think is the coolest!

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