Adrian Dominguez art Blake Rosey Denise Weninger art Eric Proctor art Mufasa Nala Rafiki Simba Sophie Eves art The Lion King

Instagram artists are taking full advantage of the live-action remake of The Lion King to showcase their incredible fan art.

Here are five Instagram fan art posts that will make you even more excited for the release of The Lion King (2019):

  1. Artist: @blake.rosey

Nala and Simba 2.0, anyone? The detail in Blake’s redraw adds even more character to fierce Nala and adventurous Simba. We want more!

  1. Artist: @tsaoshin

The colors and scenery that Eric Proctor depicts brings us back to the very first time we watched this Disney classic. We can almost hear Mufasa’s deep voice calling out, “remember who you are.”

  1. Artist:@psydrian

If Simba wasn’t the coolest cat in his kingdom before, he sure is now, thanks to Adrian Dominguez. Just look at those mini gold hoops! 

  1. Artist: @sophieevesart


Did you think our favorite Lion King characters could even be this cute? Sophie Eves is out here hitting soft spots in all of us. 

  1. @deniselicious_

Denise’s experiment with watercolor ink turned into a mini masterpiece of young Simba. Watch out, Rafiki - you’ve got some competition. 

Be sure to check out all of the artists above and join us in our excitement and anticipation for the upcoming release of The Lion King (2019). Will you be watching the live-action remake? 

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