Toy Story Art for Toy Story Fans

Ana Sanchzp illustration Bullseye Buzz Lightyear dada16808 Dennis Salvatier illustrator Fernanda Suarez art Jessie Matt Kaufenberg illustration Toy Story 4 Woody

Toy Story 4 is FINALLY HERE! The series’ band of loyal fans have been hungry for the supreme animation and quick-witted characters that the Toy Story movies are known for.

Here are five pieces of Toy Story inspired art on Instagram that definitely need to be seen:

  1. @annasanchzp

Not only do Buzz and Woody look plump and adorable, but Ana Sanchzp painted these precious guys on wood. Woody on wood? Genius.

  1. @dada16808

Wherever Jessie goes, Bullseye is right alongside her and their inseparability is perfectly represented in this portrait by Dada. We can’t wait to see this pair’s next adventure.

  1. @mattkaufenberg

Matt Kaufenberg blessed us with a much-needed illustration of our favorite toys, plus one! We’re sure Forky will fit in just fine with this amusing bunch.

  1. @fdasuarez

Hold your horses because Fernanda Suarez’s modern Jessie looks i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e. All we need next is a modern Buzz and Woody and we could have a live-action Toy Story.

  1. @tanoshiboy

We just can’t get enough of our favorite duo and Dennis Salvatier’s design lets their charming companionship shine through. #BestFriendGoals.

Whether these art pieces helped your craving until you get a chance to see your favorite toys on the big screen - or made you even more impatient to see the fourth Toy Story movie - they definitely deserve some extra likes. Have you seen the new Toy Story movie?

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