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Seventy seven years of warmth, smiles, tears, family and friendship, Disney’s Bambi has given us 77 years of pure wonder. 

To express our gratitude to this masterpiece, here are seven pieces of fine art which capture all of the wonderful feelings of this 1942 film: 


"The Beauty of Life” by Rob Kaz | Shop: http://bit.ly/30L8A9H

The awe on the faces of these young animals as they admire a fluttering butterfly reminds us how exceptional life is and how lucky we are to experience it. You can’t have a bad day with this Rob Kaz piece.

"Bambi and Mother” by Toby Bluth | Shop: http://bit.ly/2xYHnE8

We’re leaning forward in our seats too to be part of the highly anticipated awakening of the young prince. The feelings of excitement, love and community are difficult to describe with words but Toby Bluth manages to describe it with his art.

"First Hint of Spring” by Michael Humphries | Shop: http://bit.ly/2XToC4k

Thumper taking a big sniff of the first flower of springtime while Bambi watches in awe makes us want to wake up and smell the flowers every day. Michael Humphries captures the essence of springtime and all things new and exciting. 

"Alone in the Woods” by Jim Salvati | Shop: http://bit.ly/2Y2lwpG

We’re trying not to tear up at this sentimental piece. Seeing the wide-eyed fawn peering through the snow-dusted tree trunks is really bringing out all of our emotions but in the most beautiful way. Jim Salvati, why do you have to do us like that?

"Thay Thumpin Nice” by David Willardson | Shop: http://bit.ly/2JVrPXr

We’re wiping away our tears now because Thumper’s here to make us laugh with his huge smile and his foot ready to drum away. David Willardson’s colorful piece adds a hop to our step every time we see it.

"Springtime in the Meadows” by James Coleman | Shop: http://bit.ly/2ZaT4mU

The meadows have never looked lovelier. We wish we could drift into this painting and sit beside our favorite forest creatures on the soft grass, surrounded by lush greenery. James Coleman hypnotizes us with this piece.

"Cold Winter Woods” by Michelle St. Laurent | Shop: http://bit.ly/2GlEHFf

The woods may get cold in the winter but that doesn’t stop Bambi, Thumper, Flower and more to play, laugh and share the warmth of friendship. Warning: this Michelle St. Laurent piece may make you want to take a snow day with your best pals. 

Whether these pieces made us tear up or cheer up, they sure took us back to the first time we watched this Disney classic. What are your first memories of Bambi?

Experience those memories all over again with a Bambi-inspired piece which you can shop for here... 

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