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We’ve all dreamed of meeting a Disney prince before. They’re so brave, so sweet, so strong… right? 

Well, the news is although they looked great on our screens as kids, they’re not exactly the perfect, dreamy men we always thought they were. In fact, if we met them in person we’d probably be repulsed by most of them. 

Here are the Disney princes ranked from worst to best: 

  1. John Smith | Pocahontas

Colonizer. Enough said. In case it’s not enough, he’s the guy who interrupts you when you’re talking so that he can mansplain his historical knowledge and political views.

  1. Prince Phillip | Sleeping Beauty

This dude kisses an unconscious girl. Sorry, but “I was just trying to wake her up” is not a valid excuse, buddy. No consent means no. He’s the frat boy your friends warn you about. 


  1. Prince Charming | Cinderella

Prince Charming has no personality. He doesn’t lose any points but he doesn’t gain any either. He’s the pretty boy who can’t hold a conversation and has a spelling error in every text.


  1. Flynn Rider | Tangled

Although he turns his ways around in the end, Rider’s initial plan to becoming rich is taking advantage of a young naive girl who has no idea how the real world works. He’s the “entrepreneur” on Tinder who sends cheesy messages to girls way way younger than he is. 

  1. Beast | Beauty and the Beast

Behind his stubbornness and grumpiness due to a huge lack of self-confidence, the Beast does have a kind and gentle heart. The problem is, he still kept a girl hostage. He’s the caring guy who quickly gets clingy and controlling because of his wild insecurities. 

  1. Li Shang | Mulan

Li Shang’s a hunk and he’s got skills. He does leave Mulan alone in the mountains after finding out she’s a woman though. He’s the guy who wants to be the “man of the house” and to “always protect you” even when you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. 


  1. Prince Eric | The Little Mermaid

Prince Eric’s bright blue eyes sure are stunning but this boy almost marries a psycho sea witch because he knows nothing about her besides her pretty voice (which was actually stolen). He’s the guy who tells you he loves you after dating for a week. 

  1. Hercules

Hercules is so nice that you’re almost uninterested… almost. His nice bod and bravery end up making up for it but he’s definitely the overlooked nice guy who often gets stuck in the friendzone. 


  1. Prince Naveen | The Princess and the Frog

At first, Prince Naveen is a materialistic, spoiled, lazy flirt but that just makes his comeback as a romantic who helps the girl he loves to acquire the dreams she worked hard for that much sweeter. He’s the guy who surprises you.

  1. Aladdin

Aladdin has the confidence and the looks to make all of us swoon. His mischievous smile and klepto tendencies are twistedly intriguing. He’s the bad boy you always wanted. 

Turns out, Disney princes are just regular men whose personalities we’ve probably already come across before. Some are disappointing and creepy but some are surprising and kind, too. Which Disney prince would you still like to meet?

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