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While everyone may have a favorite of the bunch, there’s no argument that Toy Story is one of the few movie series that remains strong after each sequel. Perhaps, it’s because each movie is loaded with hysterical content that never fails to impress both its child and adult audience.

In celebration of the fourth movie coming out soon, here are the eight funniest Toy Story scenes:

  1. Buzz’s Hilarious Jab - Toy Story

When Buzz first arrives to Andy’s room, he makes a witty report insinuating a lack of intelligence among the other toys. Whether it was an innocent observation or not, it got us cackling.

  1. Bo Peep’s Not-So-Subtle Flirting - Toy Story

Bo Peep may come off as the classic damsel in distress but this toy knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let Woody know it too. Confidence is key.

  1. Mr. Potato Head’s Clever Puns - Toy Story

When Hamm doesn’t get his imitation of famous painter Picasso, Mr. Potato Head’s full pun skills come out.

  1. And His Trouble Restraining From the Bachelor Life - Toy Story 2

Surrounded by Barbies, Mr. Potato Head is going through something only the adults in the audience would understand. Do you see Hamm’s side eye, too?

  1. A Poor Take on A Common Phrase - Toy Story 2

While we assumed Buzz meant to think harder, he surprised us all by taking the phrase literally. Poor Rex!

  1. Toy Story Turned Star Wars - Toy Story 2

Buzz and Emperor Zurg’s rendition of the iconic Star Wars scene will always be one of the most clever moments in Toy Story history.

  1. Trixie’s IM Excursions - Toy Story 3

Trixie’s secret online gaming life is almost as funny as her jump to cover it up.  We’re still curious, though - who really is VelociSTAR237?

  1. Spanish-Mode Buzz - Toy Story 3

Did you ever imagine Buzz dancing and speaking Spanish? Neither did we but we’re extremely happy it happened. We will never see him the same way.

We’re not sure how the writers of Toy Story 4 will top these knee-slapping scenes but considering they haven’t disappointed us yet, we’re pretty hopeful. Which Toy Story movie is your favorite so far?

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