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What’s more incredible than The Incredibles? How about some incredible The Incredibles fan art? 

For Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles 15th anniversary, we’ve found 15 pieces of incredible The Incredibles Instagram fan art. Try saying that five times fast. 


  1. @vinragog_art |

The super-bright colors in this drawing are perfect for this superfamily. We especially love the fierce expressions Vincent Ramirez gave each family member… besides Jack Jack, of course.


  1. @lisapenneyart |

We can basically hear the sassy Edna Mode yelling “No capes!” followed by a “Darling” in this original, acrylic painting by Lisa Penney. Edna is a character we can never get enough of.


  1. @lulucartooner |

Our girl, Elastigirl is an absolute icon and Artist Lulu does her funny, mom-like facial expressions and amazing curves justice in this digital fan art. #MomGoals, are we right? 


  1. @samuel_cheve |

We love Samuel Chevé’s designs of The Incredibles family as Marvel superheroes - especially this piece of Bob as Thor. We definitely think he could steal the role. 


  1. @arthatesabi |

Artist Abi shows the different sides of Violet in this excellent drawing. She can be moody sometimes but she’s also smart and witty and grows to be confident over time. Not to mention, she has two of the coolest superpowers ever.


  1. @daviddoodlez |

This drawing of Dash and The Flash is awesomely on point. Captioned “#ComicCon Speedsters,” artist David highlights Dash’s impressive power. We’re sure these two would make a mischievous but entertaining pair.


  1. @stephlewart |

And of course, we have Jack Jack, as drawn by Steph Lew. Lew showcases Jack Jack’s calm, sweet and innocent side in this fan art but we all know there’s quite a bit of fire inside of him (literally). 

  1. @the.kodo |

Artist @the.kodo is a genius and created a family for one of our favorite characters, Frozone. Honey’s voice has always been in the background but we would love to see the couple (and kids) in their own movie. 


  1. @mariedisgrace |

Mirage is one of the more complicated characters of the first film because we have to switch between loving and hating her, but artist Mary manages to capture her mysterious essence flawlessly.


  1. @doll_mr_ |

Artist @doll_mr_ not only recreates Helen Parr’s two looks gorgeously, but he also shows her transition from young Elastigirl to an older, more defined Mrs. Incredible. We love the glow up. 


  1. @de_signed_ae |

Apparently, Mr. Incredible looks great as other characters because Alessandro Esposito also did a sweet mashup, but of him and Hercules. We guess Bob Parr has quite a few roles to fill!


  1. @keitoart |

Even though one of them is a villain, we love that in Incredibles 2, the women are the ones running the show. Artist Keito not only made a fantastic piece of art but an empowering one, too. 


  1. @jennasteele_art |

Since Mrs. Parr went out to save the world, it was Mr. Parr’s turn to stay home and take care of the kids. As depicted by Jenna Steele, it turns out Bob is capable of being a hero inside and outside of the household. 

  1. @andryshango |

Andry "Shango" Rajoelina shows the love among this family in this beautiful print. The little details like Mrs. Incredible’s outstretched arm on Mr. Incredible’s back and Dash’s skip in his step are what warm our hearts even more. 


  1. @jcarillo_designs |

We weren’t kidding when we said Edna is a character we can’t get enough of. This crossover is hilarious but also extremely fitting. We wouldn’t be surprised if Edna really is behind LeBron’s Lakers deal and number switch. 

Now that we’ve seen all of this incredible Insta art, we can’t resist a mini The Incredibles marathon this weekend. Which of the two movies is your favorite? 


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