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If you’ve been to a Disney park in the past couple of years, you’ve definitely seen the recent “Disneybounding” trend.

Disneybounding is when people create outfits inspired by Disney characters. They’re not quite Cosplay costumes but they’re not quite regular outfits either - they’re the more stylish, casual cousin of the two. 

Here are some Disneybound fits we absolutely adore that are also perfect for the summer: 

  1. @keshiasih


Keshia created a posh take on new Toy Story character Forky with a white culotte jumpsuit and white heeled boots. She accents with a red short sleeve tee and a light blue beret to match Forky’s face! 

  1. @missgolden_lady


@MissGolden_Lady channeled the classy Marie from The Aristocats with her shades of light pink from head to toe. The pink flowers in her hair mimic ears which go perfectly with Marie’s signature pink bow and some Marie character pins!

  1. @prettymuchtara


Who knew the Toy Story Aliens could look so cool? Tara Brickman’s hip ensemble includes overalls, a spotted green blouse and an awesome Alien bag. Her purple beret, neck tie, and converse are what make the fit really look out of this world.

    4. @princepogiatdisney


Prince Pogi completely transformed Princess Leia’s long-sleeved, floor-length dress into a cool summer fit and we’re totally amazed. The white sleeveless cardigan over a white, sleeveless hooded tank with white shorts, white shoes, and a clear fanny pack is a look we could wear all summer. 

  1. @erikaenchanted


No pants? No problem. Erika created a super cute summer outfit inspired by Sheriff Woody with a plaid yellow dress, a denim vest, a dark brown cowboy hat and some tan lace-up boots. A western look has never looked better.

  1. @eyelovedisney


Raquel nailed Jasmine-inspired attire with a light blue off the shoulder wrap top and a tan, lace-up, A-line skirt, complemented by grey sneakers and some gold earrings. She shows it really is possible to look like a Disney princess on a regular basis. 

  1. @teamsparkle


Don’t ask us how @teamsparkle came up with this robot-inspired outfit, but she did and she did it well. Her blue jumpsuit with light blue and pink accents from JCPenney looks flawless with her R2-D2 socks, fanny pack, and headband!

    8. @frncissdominc


Francis Dominic & @patrickadougall kill it in these Buzz and Woody baseball jerseys. To accentuate the look, @frncissdominc paired the piece with bright red booties and a red b andana head tie and @patrickadougall sported Toy Story’s signature clouds on his socks!

  1. @candypalaceprincess


@candypalaceprincess brought our favorite sidekick tiger, Raja, out in her tiger-print dress, complete with tiger ears, ankle-wrap flats and a colorful tote. We’re crossing our fingers that she takes on Princess Jasmine soon, too! 

  1. @tikiroombby


Tanya looks stunning in this Woody fit. Her denim jacket tied around her yellow gingham midi dress is a look on its own. Her red statement earrings, brown wedges and Woody tote are what bring this fit home and make us want to dress like Woody every day. 

These Disneybounders are both creative and fashionable and definitely deserve a follow. Tag us in your #disneybound Instagram posts @magicalmemoriesgalleries for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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