Our Favorite Quotes from Disney's Aladdin

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The new live-action Aladdin film will finally be released at the end of this month and we couldn’t be more excited!

But let us not forget the original characters who paved way to create this new and upcoming motion picture.

Here our some of our favorite quotes from Aladdin:

  1. “Trouble? No way, you’re only in trouble if you get caught.” - Aladdin

Aladdin is witty, charismatic, and adventurous. Despite being a street rat who only steals to survive, his good heart usually persuades him to give his stolen goods to those who are poverty-stricken.

  1. “I’m sorry, Rajah, but I can’t stay here and have my life lived for me.” - Jasmine

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Jasmine knew there was more to life than being confined to her palace walls. She rejects the life that has been laid out for her and ventures out to find her own destiny. Talk about courage!

  1. “No matter what anybody says, you'll always be a prince to me." - Genie

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There is no doubt that Genie is the ultimate comedian - it's what he's best known for! But there's more to Genie than his jokes. Genie has a big heart and would rather see his friends succeed than himself. This was prominent throughout the movie, but especially when Genie told Aladdin to use his last wish to make himself a Prince instead of getting set free like Aladdin had promised.

  1. “I can’t take it anymore! If I gotta choke down one more of those moldy, disgusting crackers—BAM! WHACK!” - Lago

Lago is one of the sassiest Disney sidekicks in existence. Despite being a loyal follower to Jafar, he himself craves power and has a hidden agenda of his own. He struggles to contain his anger, which leads to sassy rants and complaints when he doesn’t get his way.

  1. “A whole new world, that's where we'll be, a thrilling chase, a wondrous place, for you and me.” -Aladdin & Jasmine

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Talk about getting swept off your feet! Aladdin and Jasmine give us the ultimate couple goals, and this scene is one of our favorites. Could you imagine a more perfect start to a beautiful love story?

While the live-action film will have an entirely new cast, we’re eager to see how this new century movie will compare to the original 1992 animation.

Will you be watching the new Aladdin?

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