Disney Women Who Empower Us

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Disney women are strong, and have taken the term ‘Girl Power’ to a whole 'nother level.

We’re talking about the Disney women who have inspired us by demonstrating bravery, following their hearts, breaking boundaries, and not settling for anything!

Here are 5 Disney women who empower us:


Mulan has been fierce from day one.

In an array of Disney films where the princess typically needs to be saved, Mulan did the saving herself. Not only does she break the gender norms of what a woman is capable of, she also does whatever it takes to defend her people.

She strays away from the cultural pressures of how a woman should act in her society and risks her life to save both her father and their entire country. If actions speak louder than words, then Mulan’s actions scream loyalty. Mulan is bright, charismatic, and fearless. 

Jasmine | Aladdin

Although Jasmine was more of a secondary character in the movie, her role broke through in ways that previous Disney princesses couldn’t compare.

This boss-lady doesn't let tradition define her. Refusing to be sheltered and conform to an arranged marriage, she ventures beyond the palace walls. She then meets Aladdin, where they both explore a whole new world and save Jasmine’s kingdom from evil sorcerer, Jafar.

“How dare you! All of you — standing around, deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!”

She took her future back and made it clear she wasn't "a prize to be won" and fell in love on her own terms. Oh, did we mention she has a pet tiger?

Tiana | The Princess and The Frog

Being the first Disney Princess to be of African-American heritage and basically the only princess who works a job, Tiana definitely earned her spot as a woman who empowers us.

She hustles two day jobs as a waitress and makes time at night to work on her dream of owning a restaurant of her own. Even though she eventually fulfills her dreams with the help of Prince Naveen, she doesn’t let that define her character.

Tiana proves to us that if you work hard, stay motivated, and keep your eye on the prize, you can make any dream come true-- no matter what your race or gender may be.


Pocahontas is a free spirit with a strong presence.

She is continuously on the lookout for “her own path,” which puts her in the presence of an English settler, John Smith.

When a difficult situation arises between her tribe and English settlers, Pocahontas bravely throws herself over John Smith in order to save him from being struck and killed by her father. Talk about courageous!

Despite forging a relationship with John Smith, she decides to not follow him on his journey back to England. Pocahontas without a doubt proves her independency by being one of the few Disney women who chooses her own destiny over romance.


Moana takes the cake on being one of the most influential Disney princesses yet.

She's proud of her culture, follows her heart, and proves Disney women can be independent, too! During her adventures, she meets demigod, Maui. As they venture out on a  journey to fulfill an ancient quest of her ancestors, Moana discovers the one thing she always desired: her true self.

Moana found her own identity without the typical ‘love interest’ trend that other Disney women have followed. This demonstrates that women don’t need a man to reach their goals.

She reminds us to always pursue our passions, even if we may not have all the answers at the moment. Solidifying who you truly are takes patience and an open-mind, so don’t be afraid to go on a journey, you never know what you will find!

As Disney continues to follow this path of empowering women, we can’t wait to see who our next female heroin will be! Which female Disney character empowers you?

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