Underrated Disney Movies

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There is no argument. Disney has made a lot of great movies. Beginning with the candied red apple gaze in Snow White, up to the wondrous world of the living dead in Coco. But we’re not here to talk about these films.

We’re talking about the select few masterpieces that got lost in the shuffle. The movies we wish would get a little more love…

A Bug’s Life     

There is difficulty in finding an underrated Pixar film. Most are so cemented in pop culture that it seems nearly impossible to find an underrated choice — then walks in A Bug’s Life. Largely ignored by audiences now, it’s early animation and great character development was ahead of its time. The mini-size creatures took on a controversial run during its release when Dreamworks Animation beat them to the punch and released the slightly similar Antz. Not to mention the picture was also Pixar's follow up to Toy Story… big shoes to fill for a caterpillar, don’t you think?

The Emperor’s New Groove  

The Emperor’s New Groove is the funniest Disney film of all-time. There, we said it! What started out as a musical with original music from The Police frontman Sting, delivered quite the opposite results when it was finally released. Due to a troubled production, the original concept was scrapped and reworked into a buddy-esque comedy that still makes us laugh almost 20-years later.

Oliver & Company  

Puppies and kittens are all the rage now on Instagram. So why didn’t this work for Disney back in the day? The storyline was inspired by the Charles Dickens classic, Oliver Twist. Instead of an orphan boy, Oliver is a stray cat who travels around the big city with a hipster dog. Yes, that’s right. A sunglass wearing cool pup with charms that would make Shawn Mendes scoff. Also, everyone always raves about Elton John and Phil Collins killing it for Disney soundtracks. What about Billy Joel crooning to "Why Should I Worry?" We rest our case.

The Brave Little Toaster    

For years we’ve been stuffing bread, waffles, and PopTarts in our toaster without so much as a thank you. Adapted from Thomas M. Disch's children's book of the same title, the film centers on five appliances - a toaster, a desk lamp, a vacuum, a blanket, and a tube radio - who band together to go find their owner. The Brave Little Toaster taught me that it’s not all about the PB & J. Also, I think it helped develop our addiction to vacuuming.

The Rescuers Down Under  

These mice made but a peep when they had to follow that redhead Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Overshadowed by its much revered predecessor, Bernard and Bianca weren’t going down without a fight. Disney released a sequel that we say is better than the original. The flight scenes at the time were visually stunning.  Besides, do you remember The Little Mermaid 2? Neither do we.

We’d love to give ALL of the underrated Disney films a moment in the spotlight… but these 5 are all we have time for right now. Are there more movies you think we should add to the list?

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