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Fluffy and soft with button noses, floppy ears and hind legs almost as big as their bodies - it’s hard to see bunnies as anything but endearing and adorable. Ranking these Disney characters has probably been the most difficult thing we’ve ever had to do. 

Alas, in celebration of National Bunny Day, here are 10 Disney bunnies ranked from worst to best: 

  1. Tagalong - Robin Hood


The youngest bunny of the Rabbit family in this Disney classic, Tagalong is by far the most annoying - even her name states she always has to tag along to whatever her siblings do. Just like the typical youngest sibling, she feels entitled to every experience her siblings have but if they get in trouble, she’s the first one to turn on them and help their mother scold them.

  1. White Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland

White Rabbit is just a ball of anxiety. He’s constantly late and constantly upset about it and it’s all a bit overdramatic. We know, we know, his head might get chopped off by the Queen of Hearts but c’mon he’s got to take some responsibility. Also, he’s the reason Alice got into Wonderland in the first place but is so preoccupied worrying about himself, he doesn’t even care about her well-being.

  1. Sis - Robin Hood

Sis is a classic teenage girl who adores Robin Hood and romance in general. She’s also a little bossy though and teases her brother relentlessly. We definitely like her more than her younger sister, Tagalong and we’re happy for her for catching Maid Marian’s bouquet but she’s got a little growing to do.

  1. Roger Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is a lot. He definitely has character and makes us laugh, but boy, this bunny has so much energy, we’re not sure we can handle all of it. He’s also a bit dumb which doesn’t help when he goes into frantic frenzy mode. Often times we wish he would just take a deep breath and actually think things through for a change. 

  1. Miss Bunny - Bambi

Miss Bunny is definitely the most adorable bunny Disney’s ever created. We can’t help but go “awww” at her rosy cheeks, big blue eyes and fluffy fur. Plus, even though she’s only in the movie for a super short period of time, she makes those minutes count as we see she’s not only a cute bunny but a confident one, too. Thumper is one lucky guy.

  1. Skippy - Robin Hood

Skippy is an energetic young boy who may get into a little bit of mischief but only because he dreams of being as brave as his idol, Robin Hood. Besides, how can we not want to give him a big hug after The Sheriff takes his birthday present away from him? Or how about when he got all embarrassed when Maid Marian gave him a big kiss? Precious.  

  1. Mother Rabbit - Robin Hood

Mother Rabbit deserves an award. She’s a widowed mother with over 10 kids who manages to keep them all nourished and good-mannered despite the poverty she’s living in. She even manages to give her son a birthday present - which is unfortunately snatched by the Sheriff, but replaced by Robin Hood. She doesn’t just stand by and watch, though. She tells the Sheriff off like the strong mom she is.

  1. Bunny - Toy Story 4

Even though Ducky and Bunny come as a pair, we still want to give credit where credit is due. The pair being voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele respectively, we already knew they were going to be hilarious but they really did exceed our expectations. Bunny, with the help of Ducky has become Disney’s funniest bunny, by far.

  1. Thumper - Bambi

While Bunny takes Disney’s funniest bunny, Thumper definitely takes the most charming. This sweet guy has a heart bigger than his feet and a comical personality. He’s a loyal companion to Bambi and enjoys showing him around the woods. While he’s lucky to have Miss Bunny as a mate, she’s equally as lucky to have him. 

  1. Judy Hopps - Zootopia

Judy Hopps may be a bit hypocritical at times when it comes to wanting to squash bigotry in Zootopia, but she learns her lesson and truly believes in making Zootopia a less prejudiced place. She’s optimistic and determined to prove her own stereotypes wrong as well as others as her main focus is fairness and equality. Breakthrough that glass ceiling, girl.  

We really tried our best to focus on the quality of each of these bunnies rather than his or her intense cuteness. Do you agree with our ranking of these 10 Disney bunnies?

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