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Snow White escaped death bestowed upon the queen, Peter Pan defeated captain hook and Aladdin found the girl of his dreams. But don’t get it twisted-- they didn’t do it all on their own. Disney lead characters would be nothing without their trusty sidekicks!

No one can do it all on their own, which is probably why sidekicks were created in the first place, right? Here are the best Disney sidekicks of all time:

The Seven Dwarfs | Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“Top of the Stairs” by Toby Bluth | Shop:

7 sidekicks for the price of 1? We’ll take it!

The way we see it, there’s a different sidekick for any occasion. Take an afternoon nap with Sleepy, go on an adventure with Happy and seek medical attention from Doc. Not to mention, they’re exceptional workers! Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work they go.

Thumper | Bambi

“The Beauty of Life” by Rob Kaz | Shop:

Thumper takes the trophy for most darling sidekick of them all. Even his name is absolutely adorable! But aside from Thumper’s cute qualities, he’s also sweet, caring and ever so pure. If we all had a Thumper by our side, the world might be a bit kinder.

Tinkerbell | Peter Pan

“Tickled Tink” by Jim Salvati | Shop:

She’s the queen of sass with some minor (or major…) anger issues. But Tinkerbell also has redeeming qualities that helped her make it onto this list-- lucky her!

While we absolutely love Wendy, it’s obvious that Tinkerbell was the sidekick that Peter needed all along. Being the poster child for immaturity, Peter absolutely needs a strong sidekick to help keep things in order. And let’s be real, Wendy wasn’t exactly getting the job done.

We love this cheeky sidekick, flaws and all.

Piglet | The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

“Curious Bear” by Rob Kaz | Shop

Thumper may have the gold metal for cutest Disney sidekick, but Piglet took home silver. He’s small, pink and joyful. Sure, the little guy is often a nervous wreck, but we think that his loyalty and sweet nature make up for that. I mean, think about it, who would Pooh be without Piglet? *crickets*

Jiminy Cricket | Pinocchio

“Jiminy Cricket” by Michelle St. Laurent | Shop:

The wise narrator of Pinocchio absolutely deserves a mention on this list. Two words that come to mind when we think of Jiminy Cricket are both wise and funny. With his sensible advice, Pinocchio is exactly the angel on the shoulder that every Disney lead needs to stay grounded.

Not to mention, a small, wise cricket in a top hat seems like an ideal sidekick, if you ask us.

Flounder | The Little Mermaid

“Dreaming” by James Coleman | Shop:


We’ll get straight to the point: Flounder is just a whole lot of fun. He’s positive, fun-loving and full of adventure-- in other words, Flounder just might be the perfect travel partner. Although sometimes reluctant in suspicious situations, he’ll stand by your side through thick and thin. Flounder is both the ultimate sidekick AND the ultimate friend.

Genie | Aladdin

“Flight Over Agrabah” by Rodel Gonzalez | Shop:

He tells it like it is, can grant wishes and gives exceptional hugs-- what more could someone ask for in a sidekick? Hanging out with Genie for a day would give anyone a major ab workout with all of the laughs that would be shared. Sure, Genie has got the jokes, but more importantly he is both thoughtful and loyal. He has all of the qualities that we would want in a sidekick!

Whether it be a pig, a genie or a cricket-- there’s isn’t a particular mold for what makes a great sidekick. Although Disney leads get most of the spotlight, we think that their sidekicks are equally deserving of recognition.

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