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The Surprising Connection between Disney and Looney Tunes

The Surprising Connection between Disney and Looney Tunes

The Surprising Connection between Disney and Looney Tunes Did you know that two of the most beloved animation studios of all time have a special connection? That's right, Disney and Looney Tunes have a history that goes back decades, all starting in Kansas City.  In the early 1900's, Kansas City was a hotbed for artistic talent, including a young Walt Disney. After starting his career creating cartoons for local newspapers, Disney moved to California to pursue his dream of making animated films. In the 1930s, Walt Disney revolutionized the animation industry with the release of Snow White and the Seven...

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animwoodsy Anna and Elsa carlijnartgallery Frozen Frozen 2 georgiesketches lil_jane_art Michael Woodside Paola Tosca pockyhontas prismaviolet_ Ryan W. Riller Steven Thompson sthompsonart Sven

The A.C.’s blasting, all fans are on, we’ve got popsicles in hand, and we already jumped in the pool but for some reason we’re STILL hot.

So, we’ve found 10 pieces of Frozen fan art that will seriously cool us down on this hot summer day: 

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Disney Dads We Admire

Aristocats Coco Disney Duchess Fa Zhou Héctor Mufasa Mulan Princess & The Frog The Lion King Thomas O’Malley Tiana

Dads are pretty awesome. They love us, embrace us, inspire us and teach us - and they definitely deserve some admiration.

Over the years, Disney has done a stellar job portraying different versions of those awesome fatherly qualities in their Disney dad characters, making us appreciate dads even more.

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Disney Disney Fashion Disneybound Dopey Fall Fall Fashion Fall into Disney Style Fall Season Fashion Halloween Hocus Pocus Instagram Oogie Rapunzel The Nightmare Before Christmas Toy Story Winnie The Pooh

It’s the first day of fall and if you’re on Instagram, we’re sure you’ve already begun to see the #Fallintodisneystyle trend, which means Disney lovers everywhere are getting their snazzy autumn outfits together for posh pics at Disney parks. 

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Top 10 Disney Dance Scenes

Aristocats Baloo Beauty & the Beast Disney Frozen Hercules Lilo & Stitch The Jungle Book The Lion King The Princess And The Frog Toy Story 2 Toy Story 3 Tricia Buchanan-Benson

Disney’s given us hundreds of jazzy tunes and fun moves through their films. So, for National Dance Day, we picked our 10 favorite dance scenes that have had us grooving and grinning since we can remember. 

Here are the top 10 Disney dance scenes:

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